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Located in Fauquier County, just ten miles to the northeast of Warrenton, VA, you will find Vint Hill. The first deed for this property appeared in 1772 and the ownership of this plot, spanning 700 plus acres, changed purposes and hands many times while the centuries moved along.

The mission of Vint Hill turned to research, development and logistics for the Department of Defense and the Army in 1974. Once the Cold War was over, this base was no longer looked at as being necessary according to the military and it was closed down.

At the end of the 20th century, this base had a destiny that was changing once again. The EDA, or Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, came about. The purpose was to encourage the transformation from a base for the army to housing and a business community.

Vint Hill has been built into an environment that allows businesses to thrive, while helping the community to grow. After assuming ownership of Vint Hill in 2014, we have been able to accomplish quite a bit while hoping to accomplish a whole lot more as time goes on.

There are a number of incredible businesses that are able to call Vint Hill home, helping to build up a great community that is the vision of Vint Hill. We weave together all of the best that small town living with commercial opportunities has to offer. It is anticipated that will will keep expanding while turning into a great destination for visitors along with holding the reputation of being a nice place for residents to be able to celebrate, work and live life.

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