How To Help A Friend Experiencing Domestic Violence

Do you suspect that a friend, relative, colleague or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence? Well, it can be upsetting knowing that someone you care about is getting hurt without knowing what to do about it. Your first instinct might be intervening but you should know that it can be dangerous for both of you said a lawyer from Holtz Law. However, don’t sit back and let the person continue being abused, especially if there are children involved.

Image result for domestic violenceFirst, you should call the police immediately if you have witnessed an assault. Remember that domestic violence is a crime. There are a lot of people being abused, especially women. Statistics reveal that at least 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic abuse at one point in her life. Such a person might continue being abused for many years before they tell anyone or seek help. Domestic abuse can be very dangerous and everyone has the right to live without such violence. If you are being abused, you are not to blame, only the abuser is responsible for the behavior and not you.

Before seeking help for a person who is being abused, you should know that the victims are often overwhelmed by fear that governs their every move. For instance, they might be afraid of the unknown, further violence, fear of personal safety or those of the children and much more. Therefore, they might be afraid to seek help. The victim might also be experiencing a conflict of emotions such as love for the partner as well as hate and violence. In some cases, the person might be completely dependent on their partner both financially and emotionally. As such, they would never leave on their own and that’s where your assistance comes in handy.

If you know anyone being abused, you need to provide your support in the following ways. Talk to her by helping her to open up about the abuse. It might take a while but eventually she will start confiding in you. Always be direct the topic without judging her. Listen keenly and believe everything she tells you. The biggest mistake would be failing to believe what you are told. Also, don’t criticize her for staying if she chooses to stay but tell her the benefits of finally leaving and help her if possible.

There are refuges for people suffering from domestic abuse. Contact them and arrange for your loved one to leave the abuser immediately.